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    Register in time. In case of limited participation and fully booked hikes priority will be given to club members

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  • Classification of hikes
    our „rating“ system for hikes, distinguishing between the skill needed to participate in the hike, and the endurance which will be required for it.

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    in a group.

    Our guidelines are designed to ensure that all members of the group have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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  • 30 hikes
Date & Destination Hikeleader Class
From Neuwaldegg to Salmannsdorf (not on a straight route) A 2
Sunday, 20 July: Luckerte Wand (1128 m) - Speckbacher Hütte C 5
Klettersteig Day at Höllental D 9
Evening hike Liesing - Mauer A 2
Kreuzberg, speckbacherhuette C 4
Cobenzl - evening hike A A2
Mamauwiese B B4
Kampalpe C D6
From Puchberg around Buchberg and Kienberg back to Puchberg C 5
Wednesday evening hike to parks in Vienna A /3
St. Aegyd C /5
Kesselgraben and Rax D 5
Grinzing - Salmannsdorf A 2-3
Kaiserbrunn Wasserleitungsmuseum - Wasserleitungsweg A A4
Liesing - Kugelwiese - Giesshübl A 4
Evening Hike: Schafberg (Vienna Woods) A 2 at moderate pace
Bicycle Tour Schlosshof - Bratislava A Ca. 50 km, basically flat
Mödling - Gumpoldskirchen, evening hike A 2
Hohenstein C /5
Mönichkirchen-Niederwechsel-Mönichkirchen C 5
Bad Vöslau - Grossau - Leobersdorf A 4,5
Schöpfl C
Mirafälle - Jagasitz B B4
Größenberg B 4 at moderate pace
Thaya valley B
Culture Walk in the 4th District, Wieden A /4
Drei Berge - Hochrotherd B A/B 4
Rodaun - Teufelsteinhütte - Kaltenleutgeben A 4 at moderate pace
Advent hike B
Husarentempel A A4