Hike Registration

In case of limited participation and fully booked hikes priority will be given to club members!

For one-day hikes:

Minimum 2 days before the hike to the hike leader/contact person, unless otherwise specified in the programme.

For trips over several days:

Deadline of registration is specified in the programme. Please read instructions carefully and please do not make telephone inquiries during office hours.

Minimum participation:

3 persons, excluding the hike leader, are required in order to make it an official hike. if there are fewer participants, it is up to the hike leader to either cancel or declare it as a private hike.

Cancellations in case of financial commitments:

For one-day hikes with hired bus:
minimum 3 days before the hike: at no charge, provided the overall costs are met.
Shorter notice: bus costs have to be charged unless a replacement is found.

For trips over several days involving reservation of accommodation, buses, etc.:
terms of cancellation are stated separately in the programme.

Trips by private car:

Reimbursement for car owner: € 0.40 per kilometer divided among the passengers, including the driver. the cost per passenger is calculated by dividing the total mileage cost by the total number of passengers.

Exclusion of participants:

The hike leader is entitled to exclude persons from participation at any time before or during the hike (from places where public transport is available or can be reached on easy walking trails) on the grounds of inappropriate equipment, insufficient physical condition or antisocial behaviour (including disregard for the Guidelines for Hiking in a Group).

Hikers must be in good health. Hikers with special health conditions or who require special medicine should mention this to the hike leader before the hike begins. We encourage all hikers to have the tick vaccination and keep it current.


unless mentioned otherwise, lunch will be taken in a gasthaus/hütte, but you are encouraged to bring along some snacks and a drink just in case.

Smoke free areas:

All indoor activities of the club should be kept smoke-free.


Will only be allowed on hikes with prior approval of the hike leader.

Guest fees

Guests are welcome on hikes, with the following fees:

Duration Adult Student/intern
1 Day € 5.– € 3.–
Half day/evening € 3.- free

Guest fees will be collected on the day of the hike.
The guest fee will be deducted from the membership fee, if membership is taken up within 2 weeks.

Special fees for hikes over several days:

2 days 3-4 days 5-9 days 10-16 days
Member/Associate: € 7.- € 14.- € 30.- € 50.-
Guest: € 10.- € 20.- € 60.- € 100.-
Student/Intern: € 5.- € 10.- € 30.- € 50.-

For hikes or travels abroad the fees will be doubled.
These fees are a contribution to the costs of the hike leader for Communication, travel and accommodation.
Downpayments paid to the hike leader will be forfeited in case of cancellation.

Mode of Payment:

Please make a bank transfer to Club account:
VIC Hiking Club
IBAN: AT18 2011 1844 3490 8900
Write your name into ‘Verwendungszweck’.