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Class C 5

Sunday, 20 July: Luckerte Wand (1128 m) - Speckbacher Hütte

Description: Scenic hike between Rax, Schneeberg and Semmering. “Luckerte Wand” means: the cliff wall, which provides a resting point approx. 10 m above, features a hole approx. 1 meter diameter that you can even look through to the other side! The ascent to Luckerte Wand is steep.
Hiking to the Speckbacher Hütte you will cross beautiful forests, walk through stunning meadows, experience breath-taking views of the Viennese Alps and be rewarded with a great meal.

Route: Prein a. d. Rax (660 m) – Luckerte Wand (1.128 m) – Orthof (928 m) – Speckbacher Hütte (1.094 m) – Stojerhöhe (811 m) – railway station Payerbach-Reichenau (494 m)

Map: freytag & berndt WK 022, Semmering-Rax-Schneeberg 1: 50 000;

Meet: 7:20 a.m. railway station Bahnhof Wien Meidling, near ticket centre. Train leaves at 7:34

Return: 6 p.m.

Cost: train ticket, Einfach Raus ticket possible

Registration: by 18 July noon, max 15 participants (please only register if you are able to attend)

Note: Usual equipment for alpine hikes including sun classes, sun cream, waterproofs, drinking water and snacks for break at Luckerte Wand , hiking poles if you need them.

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