Hikeleader Beatrice Lilholt

Class A 4


Description: At about 1.000 m we will see beautiful nature and traditional recreation area with great views of breath taking panorama.

Route: From Maria Schutz (we wil look at the famous church) we go up an easy path (200 m height diff.) to Semmering Passhöhe. After lunch we will walk along the “Promenade” passing Panhans, Südbahnhotel etc.

Map: Wiener Hausberge 31 or 21

Meet: In train Nr. CJX 9 Nr. 2915 leaving from Floridsdorf at 7.33 fm Praterstern 742 fm Hbhf 7.53 and Meidling 8.02 (we sit in first waggon

Return: Between 17.00 or 18.00 in Vienna

Cost: Train and lunch (Pls buy return ticket from Liesing/Stadtgrenze to Semmering and press on “Tageskarte”)

Registration: By 21.06.24 to hikeleader on this webside


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