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Discover Moldova (8 - 13/14 May)


I invite you for a journey through hilly Moldovan landscapes and its slightly bizarre corners. The trip will be a mix of hiking, kayaking, visiting odd places with interesting history, drinking wine and enjoying the moment. It is not a typical hiking trip where you walk with your rucksack through beautiful landscapes. Our sleeping base will be in Chisinau from where we will discover a couple of Moldovan “pearls” by car (I will be driving). You will enjoy the trip if you are open-minded, adventurous and flexible but may be disappointed if you look for predictability, order and “classical” nature beauty to take Insta-pictures. This is a trip organized by friends for friends, not by a professional travel agency.


Participation in the event at your own risk. Moldova neighbors Ukraine, a war thorn country (instances of missile debris falling onto Moldovan territory have been recently recorded). Neighboring Romania is an epicenter for earthquakes that may reach Moldova. There are many stray dogs all around Moldova, including in Chisinau. Search for additional travel advise for Moldova with your national Ministry of Foreign Affairs before registering to make an informed decisions regarding risks involved.


8 May: 12:40-15:15 Travel to Chisinau (direct Austrian Airlines flight VIE-RMO) + Travel from airport to hotel (45 min, 15 EUR) + Dinner (15 EUR) and a walk (Dendrarium park – 0,5 EUR or Lacul „Valea Morilor”)

9 May: Travel from Chisinau (meeting point OSCE parking lot) to Orheiul Vechi (2h) – A4 hiking through the archaeological complex Orheiul Vechi (ca. 2 EUR entrance fee) + Lunch in Butuceni Eco Resort (15 EUR) + Travel from Butuceni to Mărcauți (30 min) – Enjoying a view (maybe even the sunset) over the Dniester River – Travel back to Chisinau (2h) + Dinner (15 EUR)

10 May: Travel from Chisinau to the Gamma experimental field (1h + walk around) + Travel to Vadului Voda (30 min) + Kayaking on the Dniestru River (4h, ca. 40 EUR) + Travel back to Chisinau (1,5h) + Dinner (15 EUR)

11 May: Travel from Chisinau to Rezhina (2h) + Unfinished factory and the Great Soviet Bridge + Travel from Rezhina to Tipova (30 min) + hiking to the Tipova Waterfalls (3h) + Travel from Tipova to Chisinau (2h) + Dinner (15 EUR)

12 May: Travel from Chisinau to Cricova (45 min) + Cricova wine tour and tasting (1,5h – 36 EUR) + Travel to Vadul-Leca (1,5h) + Visit of the Dumitraș Winery (not sure how much it costs) + Travel from Vadul-Leca to Chisinau (2h) + Dinner (15 EUR)

13 May (optional): You may want to add one more day to take a bus to the so-called capital of Transdniestria – Tiraspol or to enjoy a day in Chisinau

14 May: 15:55-16:40 Travel to Vienna (direct Austrian Airlines flight RMO-VIE)

Please bear in mind that we may need to adjust the route to the weather conditions, pace of the group etc.


  • Flight Vienna-Chisinau-Vienna (depending on when you book, from 120 EUR onward)
  • Travel from and to airport (ca. 30 EUR for both rides by taxi)
  • Hotel accommodation up to your choice and budget (5 nights for ca. 800 EUR in the 5* GREGORY Boutique Hotel, ca. 680 EUR in 4* SAVOY Hotel, 460 EUR in 4* REGENCY Hotel, 257 EUR in 3* Hotel Villa Natali to 50 EUR in a mixed dorm room in the Hostel Amazing Ionika CenterCity). When choosing a hotel take into consideration that our daily departure point will be the OSCE parking lot at Alexei Mateevici St 75. I highly recommend you choose something in walking distance.
  • Food: ca. 15 EUR per restaurant visit + some days we will need to take lunch with us (veggies, trail nuts mix, Moldovan plăcintă, sandwich)
  • Entry fees: ca. 100-150 EUR in total (kayaking, wine tour and tastings, Orheiul Vechi)
  • Transport: we can share fuel price among the group (0,2 EUR per 1km)
  • Health insurance for Moldova
  • Any additional travel insurance if you want

You can easily pay with debit and credit cards in Moldova, incl. through phone banking applications. There are opportunities in Chisinau to exchange EUR to MDL (Moldovan lei).

Registration: 10 March 2024. We can discuss itinerary details when the group constitutes itself.

Note: Max. 4 people. Members only. Rabies vaccination obligatory (usually 3 shots within a month).

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